How to hook a CAT (and why you don’t want to) a barb lesson learned.

I hear hissing and growling sounds coming from the other room.
I realize the dog is setting right next to me.
“What’s the cat so mad about” – I wonder, since it’s not the dog harassing her.
As I approach the dining room, I see our cat Midge on the kitchen table.
She’s flinging her paw around, and it’s then that I see that she’s HOOKED.
Our reel case was sitting out on the kitchen table and there was a fly stuck in it.
A large (to me) streamer. You know, one that had been cut off and un-ceremoniously stuck to the bag in haste.
Apparently the cat thought it looked like a fun, feathery thing to play with.
AND I would soon find out that the barb had not been pinched down.

So what happened? What did I do?
First, of course, I take a picture and post to Instagram/Facebook right away.
DUH. This is totally blog worthy material right?!
Then, I ran and got my pliers from my fishing bag.
I tried taking a few tugs at it by myself, but it wouldn’t budge…
AND the fact that the cat was squirming, hissing, biting and scratching me didn’t help either.

Then, I remembered watching that Gink and Gasoline video about removing hooks.
So I Googled it.

Nick Hoover finally showed up (I called him and asked for another set of hands)
We got out some heavy fishing line, wrapped the cat in a towel and did a half-ass attempt at removing the hook.
But the cat was still squirmy and biting and scratching (have you ever tried to hold down a really pissed-off cat?)
and we had a major issue…
The way the hook was embedded in her paw, we couldn’t get any leverage to push down on the head (eye) of the hook to get it out with the {above} method.
Pushing the hook through and then cutting the barb was also a thought,
but again, the angle wasn’t conducive to making that an easy task.
As much as we tried to yank on it and look at it and figure it out, it just got to a point where we felt a Vet was the only option.

So I whisked her off to the closest Vet I knew of.
Where’s the low-cost clinic around the corner when you need it?
$270 later and the hook was out.
Geez. I think it was a little excessive….
$105 of it was an ‘Emergency Exam Fee’ – WTHeck?! Maybe if I had called 30 minutes prior and made an appointment it would have been cheaper?
There was NO ONE in the lobby when I arrived and everyone was just standing around, it’s not like they seemed overly busy and had to drop everything.
Really, if I could have had them just knock the cat out – I could have, and would have done the rest myself.
I just needed leverage!
AND they wouldn’t let me in the back to watch. “Policy” they said.
But the vet did take pictures like I asked.
Funny, I DID show the Vet the hook removal YouTube video on my phone, to hopefully avoid unnecessary tearing or cutting, but I’m not sure she followed the technique.
She said she pushed down on the hook eye, but she used pliers to pull.
Whatever the case, the hook came out.
They cleaned up the wound.
They glued it shut.
They gave the cat antibiotics.
And then we wen’t home.

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