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Best Fly Fishing Rods and Reels 2017 – Buying Guide and Review

NEW Best Fly Fishing Rods and Reels 2017

Welcome to Fly Fishilicious, your site for learning everything there is to know about fly fishing and what you need to start catching fish with a fly rod! Find product reviews, talk to the experts and get yourself acquainted with this diverse and addictive style of fishing.

Tight lines and happy fishing,

Fly fishing gear versus conventional fishing gear

  • Artificial Flies- No Live Bait!
  • Different Reel
  • Different Fishing Casts

Fly fishing, or using an artificial fly (but really meaning fly fishing uses all types of food sources: worm, little fish, infant insect- artificially recreated anything that a fish might like) to catch fish is an old fishing practice. The style as we know it began in the mid 1800s with long bamboo or wooden rods supporting a simple silk or horsehair fishing line.

Luckily, today finicky bamboo rods has been replaced (though not always) with smash-resistant graphite and fiberglass technologies and the complicated lines of tied horsehair has been replaced with waterproof plastic fibers.

Ok… so I realize that this is a massively long post at over 4500 words and 15+ reviews. So I strongly suggest you to use the table of contents below to find exactly what you want! Thanks!


Fly fishing rod versus a “fishing pole” or “spinning rod”

Fly fishing rods are generally built in 2-6 piece sections of lightweight graphite. The rod for fly fishing is a very important piece of equipment because it carries the energy of the caster (the fisherman) to the fly line. A good fly fishing rod will cast accurately large and small flies both at close and distant lengths.

Spinning rods, fishing poles or any other way to describe conventional fishing poles do not offer the flexibility to channel a fly fishing cast’s power into the rod; it is limited in its functions.

If someone was to pick up a spinning rod and try to cast the rod like a fly rod, the cast would be difficult, and the fly would most likely land limply in the water.

Fly fishing and conventional fishing do have many things in common; don’t be intimidated by all of the new terms and phrases associated with fly fishing!

Fly rods will have a reel, unlike a fishing pole or spinning rod reel. Fly fishing reels use a different system to organize and retain fly line (the main line) and help balance the rod through the casting stroke (when casting the rod). Like in conventional fishing, fly fishing reels vary greatly in price and quality.

Things to think about:

  • In fly fishing, we use indicators. In other types of fishing, an indicator is called a bobber.
  • Lures or bait are called flies; no matter what! It could be a shrimp looking fly for saltwater  fly fishing in the Gulf of Mexico or a wiggly piece of yarn pretending to be a drowned red worm. In fly fishing language, they are flies.
  • In fly fishing no live bait or powerbait is used. Drag free, perfectly presented flies attract fish in taking an imitation fly!

What to Look For in a Fly Rod

Fly fishing is a wonderful activity and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and around the world. The versatility of fly fishing makes purchasing your first fly fishing gear an exciting and memorable experience.

When looking for a rod, many factors should be considered. Price, versatility, quality and manufactures warrant are four major things to consider when purchasing a rod.

Buying a rod can mean investing anything from $50 to $2000 or more for a rod. Many manufactures offer limited or lifetime warranty on their rods which also determines the end price of a rod.

Before worrying too much about the specs, first think about where you are most often going fishing.

Is it at grandpa’s pond, in a Norwegian Fjord or off the coast of Naples, Florida?

Read through the categories below and narrow down what you need to optimize your next fly fish outing.

Places to Fly Fish

  • Lake and Pond Fishing
  • Saltwater and Coastal Fishing
  • Salmon and or Big River Fishing
  • River and Streams of Small to Medium Size Fishing
  • Tiny, Wild Stream Fishing

Lake and Pond Fishing

Already a boat owner?  Lucky enough to live in a town which begins with the word “Lake”, by chance?

A stiff, powerful rod to cast to pike, lake trout, bass, char, carp or other large lake and pond fish species is ideal for those frequently fishing at deeper depths. In the wind or to distant corners of the fishery, a 6 or 7 weight rod with both a floating line and sinking line (meaning, you must purchase two different lines),will catch you your next fish.

When going for panfish, or small species, a 4 weight rod or smaller, with a floating line will do the trick; although the casting distance will be limited.

Saltwater and Coastal Fishing

Saltwater rods are ready for day-in and day-out fishing stories involving the most brutal of elements: wind and salt. Designed to prevent quick wear and tear on the rod’s elements, saltwater rods are protected against saltwater corrosion.

Those fishing in brackish waters, coastal ports or inlets are also at risk to saltwater corrosion. Saltwater rods are also powerful casting rods, casting into the wind large, heavy streamers with a powerful quick stroke.

Saltwater rods start at around a 6 or 7 weight size, combined with both sinking and floating line for different scenarios, and can get as big as you can get to reel in a real “whale of a fish”!

Salmon and or Big River Fishing

Spey rods, or two-handed fly rods are a delight to fish if and when you have the water to fish them. Able to push large flies across big rivers or lochs, as seen in Scotland, Spey rods are ideal for salmon and sea run trout fishing.

However, “regular” fly fishing rods, called single-handed rods are also used in catching big Salmon. For many anglers, owning a 6, 7, 8 or 9 weight single-hand rod, as used in saltwater or lake fishing, is more practical.

River and Streams of Small to Medium Size Fishing

If you want to fish rivers of “medium size”, as seen throughout Montana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, etc., Typically a 5 or 6 weight rod is ideal for everyday fishing. Casting a floating line with either a nymph, dry fly, streamer, or wet fly will not be difficult and landing the fish is done with control and excitement. Unless you are fishing deep lakes or ponds, a sinking line isn’t needed for river fishing.

Tiny, Wild Stream Fishing

If “Tom Sawyer” is your middle name and every fish you catch comes from quite, bushy streams, a 4 weight rod or smaller is best for you.

A 4 weight rod on a big brown trout river can sometimes be too small to fight a heavy fish. On the other hand, for small fish, approximately the size of your hand, a 4 weight is too big.

For the really small, wild fish beneath tiny waterfalls, beaver dams and spotted spawning throughout forest and farmland creeks, a 1 or 0 weight rod with a floating line will provide an excellent time catching the small-sized trophies found in their tiny fisheries. Large, long rods will be difficult to cast in areas where nature rules the riverbanks.

How to Take Care of Your Fishing Rod

  • When not on the water, enjoying a day out fly fishing, store your dissembled fly rod and reel in an area out of direct sunlight- ideally, don’t leave it in your hot car.
  • With mild soap and water, the rod and fly line can be wiped down after each use or frequently between trips. Dirt and residue build up on the fly line can corrode and damage the line, causing irregular casts and in worse case scenarios, break-offs when you have a feisty, fighting fish on the line.
  • For saltwater anglers, more care is needed to fight the corrosive strength of saltwater on gear. Proper washing directly after use (not a month later!) with fresh water or dish-soap water will prevent rusty guides, reels and hooks.
  • Check the reel seat, cork handle and guides for any unusual wear or tear before and after fishing. The tip of the rod is precarious to breaking at the worst moment or getting snagged on a tree or bush. Always handle the rod with your conscious on the entire length of the rod; you would be surprised how many rod tips have fallen victim to a closed car door or a villainous big foot!

Don’t Cheap Out On Your Rod: Why Quality Matters

A fly rod is an angler’s friend- or foe. A well made rod should cast accurately at close or distant lengths, be easily casted all day without creating fatigue and should provide a proper “turn over” of the fly when the casted line descends into the water.

Poorly designed rods will be difficult for the angler to cast- making even the best of pros curse like a sailor as their line tangles or their fly flops terribly onto the water.

However, when just getting into fly fishing, maybe a small investment at first is ideal before taking the plunge into top-quality gear. Beginner rods can teach all generations how to properly move the rod, back and forth into the typical fly fishing casts. Once you are hooked, a hand-me-down, well-loved rod always makes a treasured gift or priceless token.

Who Am I?

First and foremost, welcome to the site. My name’s Bob McGrath.

I am an active fly fishing enthusiast living the dream in Montana. When I’m not enjoying some of the greatest trout fishing in the world, I’m tying flies at home, or digging deep into Montana’s backcountry to find hidden streams and the next breathtaking fish to catch.

Like many beginners, I grew up spin fishing. Luckily I became introduced to fly fishing through a college friend. Though I still enjoy catching a bass on a jitterbug, fly fishing is my passion!

I realize that choosing what rod you need can be difficult so I made this handy chart to show you exactly how to find it.

Find Your Rod – (Sort by Category)

ProductWhere to UseWeight
Wild Water Fishing CompleteLakes, Medium to Large Size Rivers, Coastal Waters
5 weight
Plusinno Lightweight Ultra Lakes, Medium to Large Size Rivers, Coastal Waters
5 weight
White River Fly ShopPonds, Small to Medium Size Rivers, Streams
4 weight
White River Heat StageLakes, Large Rivers and Saltwater
9 weight
PLUSINNO Lightweight Ultra PortableLakes, Large Rivers and Saltwater
9 weight
Eagle Claw Featherlight
Ponds, Small to Medium Size Rivers, Streams

5 weight
Leland Rod Company Sierra Nevada 476-6
Ponds, Small to Medium Size Rivers, Streams, Alpine Hiking

3 Weight
Echo Fly Fishing Fiberglass
Lakes, Medium to Large Size Rivers, Coastal Waters

4 Weight

Fenwick Fenglass Fly Rod

Ponds, Small to Medium Size Rivers, Streams, Alpine Hiking

5 Weight
Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo Kit
Lakes, Medium to Large Size Rivers, Coastal Waters

3 Weight
Wakeman Charter Series Fly Fishing Combo
Lakes, Medium to Large Size Rivers, Coastal Waters

5 Weight

Orvis Encounter

Lakes, Medium to Large Size Rivers, Coastal Waters

5 Weight

Orvis Clearwater

Lakes, Medium to Large Size Rivers, Coastal Waters

5 Weight

Redington PATH

Ponds, Lakes, Medium to Large Size Rivers, Coastal Waters, Saltwater

4-9 Weight
Orvis Penn's Creek (Bamboo)
Ponds, Streams, Rivers, Small Lakes

4 Weight
Orvis Adirondack
Ponds, Streams, Rivers, Small Lakes

4 Weight
Zhus - New Split Bamboo
Ponds, Streams, Lakes, Rivers

5 Weight

Top Premium Fly Rod – Sage Rods

Sage, a leader in the fly rod manufacturing world since 1980 is a top performer when it comes to casting rods and catching fish. Professionals or amateurs who pick up and cast a rod designed from Sage enjoy their easy casting ability and versatility. Proven to outcast rods of all sizes- from 00 to a 12wt, Sage fly rods have a bigger fanbase than The Beatles.

Top Fly Reel – Orvis Rods

  • Top Reels
  • World Famous
  • Great Saltwater Products

In the fly fishing world, no other family name has settled to deeply into the deep roots of today’s fly fishing industry. With their world-famous reputation for selling and creating fly fishing products since 1856, it comes as no surprise that Orvis has built top fly reels.

Whether a simple reel like their Battenkill for your 2wt rod or need a saltwater reel to fight a relentless bonefish, Orvis is your go-to company for quality reels.

Top Fly Fishing Combo: Rod & Reel & Fly Line – St.Croix

  • Affordable
  • Quality
  • Generations of Experience

St. Croix knows fishing and what fishermen want. Building both fly and conventional fishing rods for over 75 years off the shores of the St. Croix river in Wisconsin, their fly fishing combo, or fly fishing set is the best in the market.

Whether you are looking for a spare rod or are buying your first, a St. Croix fly fishing combo is an easy bet on your wallet and on the water!

Top Fly Line – Scientific Anglers

  • Great taper system
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Triple texture technology

If you want to get into the details, fly fishing is all about the fly line. After all, it has an intimate relationship with presenting the fly to the fish. By using fly line from Scientific Anglers, all doubts on poor fly line quality can be erased. Tough, dependable, science-infused technology from Scientific Anglers will get your flies where they need to be!

Top Flies – FishingSir image of fly fishingsir's trout bait

  • Affordable
  • Quality
  • Waterproof fly box

Fishingsir cuts the confusion down to a complete minimum when buying your first set of flies. What works? What doesn’t? These questions can only be answered by trial and error, and spending hours on the water. Though insect species variety in size and color across the globe, this set of tied dry flies, nymphs, streamers and wet flies is perfect for the beginner fly fisher.

Best Rods for Beginners

Keep in mind these points when purchasing a rod for a beginner fly fisher:

  • Graphite rods are affordable, great casting rods for a beginner that are light enough for all-day fishing trips without fatigue.
  • Consider a graphite rod with a lifetime warranty to avoid any costly repair, or replacement fees if your rod accidentally breaks.
  • Decide what size, or better known as weight rod you need for your type of fishing. The lighter, or smaller the fish, the smaller the weight. A 6 inch wild brook trout in small streams is a perfect match for a 00, 0, or 1wt rod. Catching carp on the other hand is best with a 7, 8 or 9wt rod because of their great fighting strength.
  • When determining which length is needed, it often goes hand-in-hand with the rod weight. Typically, rods are built with a length of 9 feet. It’s an optimal length for both accurate short and distance casts in most fishing situations.
  • Sometimes people will ask you what type of action you like in a rod. Do you cast with quick strokes or have a slow forehand and backhand stroke to your cast? These factors determine if you need a slow, medium or fast action rod.

Our Top Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Reviews

1. Wild Water Fishing Complete 5 / 6 weight Starter Package image of white water fishing complete start package

  • 4 piece, 9 foot rod
  • 5-6 weight rod- great for trout!
  • Reel and fly line included

Instead of searching for everything needed to get started, Wild Water Fishing offers the perfect setup for a new fly fishing angler. Equipt with everything you need- even down to the fly, this package is ideal for anglers fishing in medium sized rivers, lakes or ponds for trout, small carp, barbel or bass.

Also included is a fitted case for the rod and reel. Take your rod across the world or store it safely at home with their well padded carrying case.

2. Plusinno Lightweight Ultra Fly Fishing Rod and Reel 5 / 6 weight image of lightweight Plussino fishing gear

  • Great Value
  • 4 piece, 9 foot rod
  • 5-6 weight rod- great for trout!

If you want something that will hold up against a  fighting fish of a lifetime, look no further. This rod is ready to teach you how to cast accurately, and get you on fish. With a saltwater-protected reel seat, high quality cork handle, and lightweight graphite technology, it is built for all fishing conditions.

In this package, rod, large arbor reel, carrying case and a box with flies to get you started with fly fishing. At this price, the Plusinno package is an excellent deal for those new to fishing or veteran.

3. White River Fly Shop Dogwood Canyon Fly Outfit white river fly shop rod

  • Affordable
  • Long Lasting
  • Great for small streams

Offering a variety of rod and reel combos, a beginner fishing small streams or in lakes will find their ideal rod and reel through White River Fly Shop’s Dogwood Canyon fly fishing outfit. Starting at a two piece, 4 weight, 7’ rod that’s ready to catch wild brook trout in the Appalachians, this rod is accurate, casts great and won’t break the bank.

For those fishing for steelhead, carp or pike, try out their 8 weight, 9’ rod. Where quality and affordability meets, this fly rod and reel setup is it.

What is a Medium Action Fly Rod?

A medium action fly rod is the perfect action rod to a new fly fishing angler. Combining the power of a fast action rod and the casting accuracy of a slow action, a medium action rod is a way to describe a rod’s bend through the rod. A medium action rod will be easy to load, meaning put energy into the fly line, cast distant casts smoothly with accuracy and be easy to cast in almost all situations.

Best Medium Action Fly Rods

1. White River Fly Shop Heat Stage 1 Bass Outfit white river fly shop image

  • Fresh or Saltwater
  • Best combo outfit

This is a big rod for a small price. Ready to fight anything, this one piece rod makes a perfect addition to your serious fishing lineup. Tested as a 9 or as a 10 weight, this 7’10” rod is ideal for saltwater fishing; either off the shore, pier or boat, or freshwater fishing for large species such as muskie, carp or saltwater bass. The reel and fly line included are also ready to get to work. A large arbor, adjustable drag system is ready to fight fish and take line without fatigue.

2. White River Fly Shop Heat Stage 1 Fly Rod white river fly shop stage 1 heat fly fishing bait

  • Affordable
  • Serious

Another top rod from White River Fly Shop where good grip meets a lightweight, 7’10” rod. For a 9 or 10 weight, this rod is shortened down to 7’10” to allow easier casting, all day. Fight fishing fatigue with a shorter rod and comfortable casting design- your casting hand will thank you! Try different lines with this versatile rod- go low in lake fishing with a sinking line or cast a popper on a floating line; all types of flies and lines cast well with the The Heat, Stage 1 Fly rod.

3. PLUSINNO Lightweight Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Graphite image of lightweight Plussino fishing gear

  • Tough
  • Great for Beginners

If you are interested in learning about fly fishing and  want something to pick up quickly and go with, this fly fishing package is an affordable and useful tool to begin fishing with. At a price that won’t break the bank, a 4-piece fly rod, reel, line, fly box and flies is how to quickly learn about fly fishing, the hassle-free way.

This rod will teach you how to properly ‘load’ the rod and perform a variety of casts. This rod is accurate at a variety of distances and can load a great D-cast, or roll cast to your target.

Best Discount Choice

4. Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod picture of the eagle claw reel

  • One year warranty!
  • Beginner friendly!

Trusted as a leader in the fishing industry for many generations, Eagle Claw offers this lightweight, 6’6, two-piece fiberglass rod is perfect for teaching children or adults how to fly fish- affordably! It is truly the best deal in the fly fishing world.

Though not as quick as a typical medium-action rod, this fiberglass rod is a graceful medium-slow action rod. In addition, Eagle Claw offers a one year warranty on their rods, and stand’s by the quality of their products! At this price point, it wins the Best Discount Choice by us.

Best Fiberglass Rods

1. Leland Rod Company Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Fly Rod leland rod company

  • Great Warranty Program
  • Designed in San Francisco!

Leland Rod Company produces beautifully crafted rods and this rod is no exception. Besides its perfect, glossy finish, this 6-piece rod is the perfect companion on a distant fishing adventure. Able to pack well in a business portfolio or in a solo hiker’s backpack, the Sierra Nevada is an excellent fiberglass rod to fish. Unlike larger, bulkier fiberglass rods, this one tucks away very easily and is not a hassle through airport security.With a smooth carved cork grip and lightweight frame, it is a all-day-every-day fly fishing favorite.

2. Our Top Pick – Echo Fly Fishing Fiberglass Fly Rod 5wt 7ft 10in 3pc echo fly fishing rods

  • Great Reviews
  • Indestructible!

This slow action rod is a favorite among many fishermen when they just need a little rod for some easy fishing. Fishing for small panfish, saltwater bait fish, croppies or small wild trout is exciting and rewarding with a small fiberglass rod. This rod is particularly designed well through years of research and is an excellent fly rod to cast.

Fiberglass rods don’t break as quickly as their graphite counterparts, making this rod almost indestructible when fishing for small to moderate sized fish. Beyond stylish vintage feel to Echo’s 5wt fiberglass rod is a great, enjoyable rod to catch fish with!

3. Fenwick Fenglass Fly Rod – 3-Piece image of fenwick fenglass fly rod

  • Comfortable Design
  • Excellent casting rod

Fenwick has long tradition of developing attractive and very dependable rods in the fishing industry. A Fenwick Fenglass fly rod is no exception to their stylish, fish-producing, quality rod-building success. Designed to go anywhere and hold up to tough, brushy fishing conditions, the Fenglass breaks down to three pieces and fits well in a suitcase or backpack. If you need to throw large streamers after an evening of light, dry fly presentations, bot accurately and in the dark, the Fenglass can produce a hassle-free day- or night, of fly fishing.

Best Bamboo Fly Rods

1. Orvis Penn’s Creek Full-flex Bamboo Fly Rod  orvis penns full fly bamboo fly rod

  • Top Quality
  • Perfect for Trout

If you ever dreamed of owning a bamboo rod that looks great on the shelf as well as it does catching fish in your local waters, the Orvis Penn’s Creek is the perfect partner for such a dream. Balanced through hours of meticulous work, this two piece bamboo rod is ideal for throwing small dry flies on a bushy stream, river or lake.

With a comfortable ergonomic cork grip, learning the slow action to this traditional bamboo rod is a comfortable transition to casting bamboo. As a leader in rod building, Orvis stands by their rod quality and has delivered yet again another attractive bamboo rod!

2. Orvis Adirondack, Full-flex Bamboo Fly Rod orvis adirondack resume template

  • Easy to Cast
  • Attractive Design

The beauty of a hand crafted bamboo rod shines in this series of bamboo rods offered by Orvis. As a premier rod maker in the business since the 1850s, Orvis knows a thing or two about rods- especially bamboo rods.

Before fiberglass and graphite rods, Orvis was reinventing the ‘bamboo wheel’, so to say, and the results are in their bamboo rods of today.

The Adirondack, a full flex, slow-action, 7’5” rod is ideal for casting accurate dry fly presentations in difficult fishing surroundings. At 7’5”, the Adirondack can easily cast to difficult pools or below branches- and looks darn good doing it, too.

3. New Split Bamboo Fly Rod , 7’6”, 5 Weight new split bamboo fly rod

  • Affordable
  • Perfect for Trout

Want to fly fish how your grandfathers, or great-grandfathers fished but want to avoid the high costs of a premiere bamboo rod? From Zhus Rod, a fine, 5-weight bamboo rod can be yours under $200. Quality craftsmanship is controlled and refined through Zhus’s art of bamboo building, established in 1996. The proof is in the cast; you don’t need to spend a lot of money on bamboo to catch fish!

Definitely check this rod out if you are interested in trying out bamboo. Like a fiberglass rod, it has it’s own beautiful way of casting the fly towards a hiding fish.

Saltwater Rods- What’s the difference?

Though you can use a freshwater rod on a fly fishing trip, remembering to wash of the salt after each use, there are many advantages to purchasing a saltwater rod. Saltwater fly fishing is typically successful with large saltwater streamers- flies which imitate any saltwater food source from a small crab to a bright pink shrimp imitation.

To cast such big, clumsy flies, a powerful, fast-action saltwater rod with a strong butt section (base) is helpful; both in casting to and landing fish. Saltwater rods are also built to beat the corrosive salt water, though proper fresh water cleaning is always recommended before putting the fly rod away after a day of saltwater fishing.

Best Saltwater Fly Reels

1. Piscifun Platte Fully Sealed Drag Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel image of the piscifun platte reel

  • Affordable
  • High Quality

Saltwater fly reels can get expensive. Skip the hundreds of dollars on expensive tackle and try this reel from Piscifun. Backed with a three year warranty, this reel will do the job and not break the bank. Fighting fish that are taking the fly line off your reel faster than you can say “shoot”, this reel can take in and let out line smoothly with its’ large arbor design and protected, sealed drag.

2. Ross F1 Fly Fishing Reel Size 1# – 5#picture of the Ross F1 Review

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Improved Machine Technology

Going out on the water with a Ross reel and you can never go wrong. One of the easiest reels to use, it’s large arbor and smooth drag system is reliable against a tough fish every time. Known in the fly fishing industry for their durability, Ross is at the top of the list when it comes to fly fishing reels- both in the salt or freshwater. Both easy to use and maintain, they are built to last a lifetime.

Best Freshwater Reels

1. Orvis Battenkill Fly Reel orvis battenkill fly reel review

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use

Since a long time, this reel has been a favorite among light-tackle fly fishermen. Built without a drag, this lightweight reel is perfect for fighting and casting to small trout, panfish and other small freshwater fish species. Ready to send out or reel in fly line at any second, it is an affordable and dependable reel capable of all day fishing with any rod smaller than a 5 weight.

2. Croch Fly Fishing Reel review picture of croch fly fishing reel

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

Take the strain off your casting arm and your wallet with the aluminum fly fishing reel from Croch. Equipped with a fly line and leader, this deal is hard to beat. Designed to organize fly line quickly and effortlessly, this reel is suitable for all freshwater fishing trips. The drag system of this reel is with a dial system. With this technology, adjusting the speed at which the fly line leaves the reel is easy and convenient. For a person interested in trying out fly fishing, this is an affordable reel and fly line that will get you fishing on the water quickly and easily!

Best 5 Weight Fly Rods

1. Orvis Encounter 5-weight 8’6″ Fly Rod Outfit Orvis Encounter 5-weight 8'6" Fly Rod Outfit

  • Top Quality
  • Great Casting Control

Fishing a 5 weight rod for trout, bass, panfish, or anything you can find in the backyard pond or lake is a delight with the Encounter, a 5 weight 8’6” rod from Orvis. Balanced, well designed graphite gives you a lightweight rod and reel to cast without casting fatigue on an all day trip out fishing.

The Encounter reel included fits the weight of the rod perfectly; providing no errors in balance. The better balanced rod and reel combination, the easier it is to smoothly cast a rod. Also included is a top fly line by Orvis, the Clearwater, fly line backing, leader and rod carrying case.

2. Orvis Clearwater 5-Weight 8’6” Fly Rod picture of the orvis clearwater

  • 25 Year Guarantee
  • Perfect for Trout

Designed to be an angler’s best friend in fighting midsize trout, the Clearwater from Orvis is an excellent rod for sale at a great, affordable price. Matched with a Orvis reel and line (not included), and the adventures with this rod can quickly begin. Many fly fishing guides and professionals agree, the Clearwater from Orvis is a very dependable, easy-casting rod. Included is a protective rod sleeve and cannister for safe travels to and from your next fishing trip!

3. Redington PATH Fly Rods Lifetime Warranty with Case picture of redington path

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Lightweight Rod and Reel

You can fish for days and never get tired with this combo from Redington. Redington, known for their great fishing gear offers the Path fly rod combo at a very affordable price. Set up with a balanced reel, fly line and leader, this rod is good to go as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. A 5-weight, perfect for trout, panfish and small bass fishing can be ordered in either a 8’6” length, best for windy conditions, or a 9 foot length; ideal for nymph fishing and typical fishing conditions.

Well that’s it for this epically long review. If you have any questions or concerns, please just drop me a line via the contact form. Thanks!

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