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15 Awesome Gift Suggestions for Fly Fishers

You may have friends celebrating their birthdays soon. What better way to greet them by giving them stuff that you know they’ll use when they go fishing. If you don’t know much about fly fishing and are unsure of what to get for your fly-fishing counterpart, these are the best products in the market.

1. Measure Net image of a net used for measuring the size of fish

The Measure Net is arguably the safest gift that you can buy right now. Every fly-fishing veteran will smile if you give him/her one. Here are some reasons why.

  • Nets, in general, will make catching fish easier. You can just place fish insidet after hooking them.
  • It is also easier to leave them unharmed if you’re doing catch and release.
  • The measurement that runs at the side enables fishermen to gauge the size of the catch quickly.

2. Fly Fishing Lanyard image of one of the best gifts for fishermen - a lanyard

  • Is essentially a necklace of for flyfishers.
  • Very useful because it has a lot of points where you can attach things. It frees up your hands. You can attach things like forceps, floatants, tippets, and clippers.
  • Excellent match for fishers who do not want to wear vests.
  • Very cheap, attractive for pros and novice fishermen alike.

3. Chest/ Sling Pack (Fly-Fishing) 

  • Chest/ Sling packs have the same function with a fly fishing lanyard. The advantage of the packs is that they can fit more things inside of them.
  • Great for people who don’t want to wear the more traditional and cumbersome vest.
  • Sling packs are just like chest packs but instead of staying near the chest cavity, sling packs will stay at the back when unused. You can just swivel it to the front for usage. We got more sling pack reviews here. 

4. Vehicle Rod Rack image of a car with multiple rods on the back

  • Like your typical vehicle racks for luggages but dedicated only to fly-fishing rods.
  • Like the normal racks, is placed outside of the vehicle.
  • Useful for fly-fishers who bring their vehicles.
  • Just get outside of the car and your rod will be waiting outside, ready for service.

5. Fly-Fishing Go Bag

  • The Fly-Fishing Go Bag is very useful for those who liked to go fly-fishing in a moment’s notice. You can just pull your fly-fishing gear into this one bag.
  • By having a go bag,  any fishermen will have cut his/her preparation time and can go anytime and anywhere.
  • Go bags are very durable and can be used for a long time.

6. Rod and Reel Case

  • As the name suggests, a rod and reel case will be the container for your rod (plus reel).
  • While most rod manufacturers will include a rod case, few will also included the dimensions of the reel. A dedicated rod and reel case will solve that problem.
  • Fly-fishermen will always appreciate this gift because this case can save precious time.

7. Sunglasses (Polarized)

  • Fly-fishing requires standing outside for long periods of time. The glare may be too much at certain times, making eye protection a must. We have an entire page dedicated to the best sunglasses for fishing
  • Polarized glasses can and will protect your eyes from the unforgiving rays of the Sun.
  • Fishermen will have an easier time spotting fish near the surface with the elimination of glare.

8. GoPro (w/ Chest Mount) go pro camera view of a creek

  • Fly-fishers will want to brag their catch (I mean who doesn’t). A GoPro will allow them to capture the moment.
  • GoPros are waterproof, enabling them to work even under water. Excellent for fly-fishers who will be working near or on water bodies.
  • GoPro with chest mount means that your hands are free.

9. Water Shoes

  • Water shoes are very light, watertight footwear that can be used while fly-fishing.
  • Perfect for those who just want to wear shorts and do away with heavy waders/wading boots.
  • Perfect for fly-fishers who will fish during the summer months.

10. Magnetic Net Release

  • A magnetic net release will enable a fly-fisher to attach his/her own net to his vest.
  • Very useful because this will allow the fisher to secure the net. You do not want your net to be floating away.
  • Because the release is centered on magnetic technology, it is fairly easy to disengage. Meaning, minimal effort will be used when disconnecting the net. This saves you a lot of time and frees up your hands.

11. Pontoon Boat

  • The pontoon boat is a no-brainer gift if you can afford it. Fishing while in a boat would mean that you could cover a great deal more distance than wading (Warning: This will entail longer rods).
  • Some rivers (and water bodies) are more accessible by boat.
  • Fly-fishers will greatly appreciate this gift. Unfortunately a bit pricey, but also one of the best gears out there.

12. Wading Boots

  • Wading boots are a no-brainer gift for fly fishers because this is one of the most essential gear in use.
  • Basically, like the aforementioned water shoes, wading boots are worn for your protection. As you know, your foot will be exposed to the water (which may or may not contain bacteria). The best protection for that will be a pair of wading boots.
  • Wading boots also have traction, meaning rivers and streams with slippery rocks will not be a problem.

13. Stocking Foot Waders

  • Waders are a no-brainer gift for fishermen too as it is also an essential gear.
  • Waders, like wading boots, are for your protection should you choose to wade through water.
  • Waders also have a plethora of built in pockets, enabling you to store other gears ad keep your hands free. Check out our page covering reviews of all the major waders

14. Split Willow Creel

  • Willow creels are very useful for fishermen who like to keep the tradition and keep fish that they have caught (most fly-fishermen are in to catch and release).
  • A split willow creel, as stated above, has some traditional elements. The willow creel represents a time when most fly-fishers will bring home their catch for consumption.

15. Spin/ Fly Combo

  • As the name suggest, this kind of gear will have a rod complete with fly and reels.
  • Great gift for new fishers or people who are interested in starting fly fishing or… who you want to encourage to start 😉
  • This gift will still be appreciated because it has all the essentials for fly-fishing already.

The gear that we have stated above are surefire ways to make any fly-fisher happy. Don’t worry, most fishermen will love any of the gifts we have suggested.  If you have any more suggestions please just drop us a comment and share with us. 

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