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What is the Best Net for Trout Fishing?

Every serious fisherman needs a net. It’s fishing 101. In this point we are gonna cover what nets work best for trout fishing and why. Enjoy

Reasons You Need a Good Net

It is a catch-and-release thing

As stated above, fly fishing revolves around the process of catching and releasing. As such, being gentle is very important. A net will allow you to put the fish back to the water with minimal injury being sustained.

Majority of the fly fishing equipments available are a bit fragile

Scenario; you have just caught a big trout. The problem is, the trout is still a few meters from where you are and it is fighting you. You might think that you can just use your brute force to get the trout but this could damage your rod (or its other parts). Nets are very useful if this scenario happens.

Security of the catch

Usually, the rod and the hook is adequate for catching the fish. However, situations (like the one mentioned above) may arise. You do not want to lose a catch after it has been hooked.  

Teaching others

Teaching the art of fly-fishing to others is easy by having a net at hand. Others, especially the kids, may not be able to experience the finesse that a net may give you. They might give in to the temptation to use brute force while fishing. That may help them on the other types of fishing but not so in fly-fishing. Finesse is needed for this type of fishing and as stated above, Fly-fishing equipment may break if brute force is exerted.

Choosing the best of the best: Tips for choosing fly fishing nets to catch the trout of your dreams

 fly fishing nets Review

There are so many types and brands of nets for fly-fishing that that are floating around the market. This might intimidate novices and first timers. Don’t worry because the tips below will try to narrow down your choices so that you will not have much difficulty.

  • The size of the trout net that you should be buying must depend on the size-estimation of the trout that you can catch.
  • Most trout are on the small size so a small trout net will suffice in most cases. Sall trout nets are also advised for kids so that the weight would not be that much. 
  • However, estimation of the size of the trout does not mean that every trout that you will see will follow such expectations. For the rest of the fly-fishers, a medium-sized trout net is recommended.
  • Other types of bigger fishes will need a bigger fly-fish net.
  • Fishing on a boat will also determine on what kind of fly-fish net you should buy.
  • You will want to buy a fly-fish net that has a longer handle when you are fly-fishing from a boat. The long handle means that you will have a longer reach. This is very important when you are in a boat.
  • About the only con with bringing a long-handled fly-fish net is that it is cumbersome to bring when you are in dry land or wading through shallow water. But is the way to go if you are in a boat.

Recommended brands for fly-fishing in a boat

  • Measure Net (Medium)
  • Measure Net (Large)

What is the best kind of fly-fish net according to its material?

Short Answer: Rubber nets or the like.

Long Answer:

  • Nets made up of rubbers are slick.That means they will not be an accomplice in destroying the protective coating that covers the skin of a fish. Of course, fishers who intend to keep the catch may disregard this.
  • The rubbery material also avoids one of the greatest annoyances that can befall upon a fisher, tangled equipment. A rubber fish net will have less chances of being tangled with your hook owing to its slick properties.
  • Some claims that rubber nets does not scare (or is less scary) than other types of nets. Of course, this claim is unsubstantiated.

Nylon fabric-like fishing nets are also recommended (although nothing can beat the rubber ones especially in catch-and release activities). Avoid old school (traditional) nets as they will inflict the most damage to trouts and fishes alike. Again, disregard this advice if you aim to keep the fishes that you have caught.

Where to buy?

There are many stores nationwide and online stores to choose from. As always, it is much safer to buy any product from physical stores so that you can check the quality of the products face-to-face. Although nothing can beat the convenience of online buying (just click some buttons and straight delivery to your front porch), bogus sellers are still scattered throughout the internet world. If you must buy online, buy from respectable stores.

Below are a list of recommended products and where to buy them

  • Measure Net, Rubber, Medium
  • Measure Net, Rubber, Large
  • Measure Net, Rubber, Guide, Extra Large
  • Measure Net, Nylon, Medium
  • Cabela’s Rubber Landing Net
  • Blue Ribbon Nets
  • Brodin Gallatin Nets

You may buy some of these from Cabela’s or from the usual online sites like Amazon or Ebay.


Buying fly-fishing nets for catching and releasing trouts is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Novices and first-timers may find wisdom from seasoned fishers so do not hesitate to reach out and find them. They may not only teach you about choosing the right equipment to buy but also how to use said equipments in each situation that may arise in fly-fishing. And different situations will arise. That’s what makes fly-fishing exciting.

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