How To Play 온라인바카라 War

Hi, I’m Shannon from Casino Rama Resort and I’m gonna teach you the game of Casino War. You may remember playing this with family and friends. It’s as simple as one card each and the highest card wins.

So when approaching a table, put your cash down on the table, as the dealer can’t take anything out of your hands. The dealer will then hand you your chips. And you can place your wagers. On our game of casino war, our minimum bet is usually $10, and the maximum is $500. 온라인바카라

You place your bet in the circle and the dealer will hand you one card. You have a 4, the dealer has a 6, unfortunately, this is a losing wager. We collect the cards and we can start again. In this situation, I’m going to show you a few extra hands.

So we’re going to pretend there’s a couple of extra players here, we also have an optional wager that’s called the tie. The tie pays ten to one and is only paid when the dealer and the player have the exact same card.

So place our wagers here, the dealer calls no more bets and places one card for each wager and one card for themselves. In this situation the dealer has a six, we’ll pay a seven or higher, and we will collect the losing wager where there’s no tie, collect a losing wager and pay a winning wager.

And this one unfortunately is a four, where we don’t have a winning wager at all. Select the cards and we can start again. All right we’re going to place a few more wagers pretending we have three people playing and no more bets.

The dealer has a six, paying a seven or higher. So we are going to collect these two wagers. Four is losing against a six, the tie is the losing wager on a jack. And here we have a tie on the six where we are going to pay ten to one.

The dealer will hand you your winning wagers here, collect the cards and we’re gonna put this wager on top of this card here. You’ll take back your winning bets now. In the case of a tie, you have the option to surrender and take back half of your wager.

So in this case you would take back five dollars and you would lose five dollars. Or you can have the option to go to war, where the dealer will place a $10 wager here and you have to put an additional ten dollars in the betting circle.

So you place ten dollars and the dealer will place ten dollars. We’re going to burn three cards and give one here – an ace. And burn three cards and give one to themselves – a seven. In this situation you have an ace, the dealer has a seven, you are going to win, the dealer will hand you your money and we will collect the cards and start again.