The best way to end a work day (and tire your kid out too)

Yesterday was a long day – I was able to get my two girls off to SC to visit their Grandparent’s for a month {I’m going to miss them like crazy, but I’m excited to have some fun of my own too}! My little man is still at home and the two of us took a leisurely walk to the corner store and picked up some cold drinks and hung out together. It’s so different with just one kiddo!


As soon as hubby got home last night, we threw on our fishing gear, grabbed the kid and the dog, and walked out the front door into our little piece of heaven.

The hike up to the water is fairly quick but pretty intense. The train whistle in the distance helped chug-a-chug my inner tempo along and the slight breeze felt refreshing on the forming beads of sweat as we climbed the hill to our goal.

As we rounded the final corner we were greeted by boiling water – a fantastic evening hatch and hungry fish. We got eaten alive by bugs, but we caught more brookies than we could count. Our little man kept himself busy by finding caterpillar friends and “special rocks”. At dusk we gathered our things, placed the caterpillars back in their bushes and headed home.

Just a few minutes later our little man had tucked himself into bed, and the hubs and I followed suit – collapsing completely satisfied. I think this is going to become a regular bedtime routine for us in our new home. We feel extremely blessed to be ‘IN’ the mountains now, rather than just looking at them.

On another note: I tried out a Cutthroat Furled Leader for the first time last night. Took a little getting used to casting it, but it performed well (I caught lots of fishies) annndd anyone who’s read some of my past posts will know that I ABSOLUTELY love tippet rings – and a ring was already attached to this leader – YAY!!